Automate software free download

Automate software free download

automate software free download

Text Expander, Start Menu, Gestures and user commands to automate anything on your computer. Incredibly powerful yet easy to use! Free Download. With over 9 million downloads, iMacros is the world's most popular web automation, data extraction and web testing software. Download your free trial today. Easily create automated workflows with Microsoft Power Automate, previously Microsoft Read our playbook on how automating routine processes strengthens your resilience Azure Application Insights a no-code approach that connects to hundreds of popular apps and services. Start free Download the mobile app. automate software free download

Free Test Automation for All.
Cloud Hosted, Community Powered.

TestProject is a free end-to-end test automation
platform for web, mobile, and API testing that’s supported by
the #1 test automation community of over 70,000 companies and users!

Advanced Scripting Capabilities

"Knowing TestProject is a beautiful accident. It was during our mobile automation research, and we stumbled into one of the articles posted on their blog related to Appium. TestProject is really a great help for us, made our lives easy, and truly helped us achieve our automation testing goals. It allowed us to effectively manage our tests, and decrease the time required on designing and coding manual to automated tests."

"Two amazing aspects of working with TestProject is their superb customer support and unbelievable ease of use. Their support team is always there, assisting and developing new features following our inputs. We had several "0 programming knowledge" students experiment with TestProject, within 3 weeks they achieved a level allowing them to build a fully comprehensive automation coverage of our systems. Selecting TestProject as our automation platform was easily one of our best decisions."

"TestProject is a wonderful platform. Not only does it spread across all key platforms for development, but the UX of the tool is also fantastic. TestProject provides a clear reporting process that captures errors with screenshots and graphical data highlighting the issues creating a transparent way of reporting bugs to developers. Recommend the tool for people interested in automation, but don't necessarily know how to program or at the beginning stages of learning how to!"

"TestProject has a huge advantage over any other tools I've seen out there, it's easy for project managers and business owners who want to take the charge of building the automation themselves, and the beauty is that our developers can focus on building the software while we focus on delivering testing and automation. TestProject also has the best support experience I've ever had: the team is very knowledgeable, responds very quickly & always available to jump on a call. This is next level, don't look at any other tools out there. We've established the tremendous value of how beneficial TestProject is to the quality of the software we produce for our clients."

"We would like to thank the TestProject team for their exceptional customer support. The team is very responsive and was extremely helpful in leading us through the process of starting our automation project. In addition, their in-browser tool is extremely easy to use even for people who have no background in software development. We highly recommend TestProject for anyone who is looking for a simple, yet versatile automation solution."

"With TestProject the ROI in building and maintaining an in-house automation platform no longer makes sense. TestProject has enabled our entire QA team to contribute to accomplishing our automation goals. We've been able to add state-of-the-art automation to our delivery pipeline from device farm integrations to containerization and everything in between. The many addons have saved us hundreds of coding hours allowing us to automate so much more in much less time. The customer service team has played a huge part in our success, we can't thank them enough."

"We went through various different tools and found TestProject to be the most promising: faster and better. The test recorder allows us to test 100% of happy paths for our test cases, and we've witnessed a decrease of at least 50% in the amount of time we spend writing and maintaining tests."

"Starting from the Beta release, I'm impressed with the record and play capability and especially the rate of improvement that enables finding elements very easy. The CI integration works well and response from the team has been excellent."

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Automate software free download

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